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Raquel Franco is a multidisciplinary fashion creative working across style and design, creative direction, and photography. Her work focuses on sustainability and eco-efficiency within fashion. ‘Sustainability, it's about progress, not perfection.’

What’s the best thing that happened to you today?

Opening my eyes and feeling the air through my lungs.

What are your top 3 current inspirations?

Mycelium, Gala Dali, dear friends

Is there a place you can’t wait to return to?

My lover’s arms

What indulgence could you never give up?

Truffle Salt.

Is there anything you’re into that might surprise us?

Probably not.

Do you collect anything?


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Which one physical object do you value the most?

I don’t value physical objects anymore…nothing is permanent

Is there a specific problem in the world you’d really like to solve?

There’s too many to choose from, save the bees

How do you try and be responsible in your work?

By thinking further on being efficient with waste and consumption of any form.

Tell us about a belief you had early on in life that you now feel differently about?

I believed I could fly...

What are you reading?

I’m on few books atm…Caliban and The Witch by Silvia Federici / The future we choose by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac/ Human Condition by Hannah Arendt

What was the last song you listened to?

I’m not dancing by Tirzah

What would be the title of your memoir?

I hate it.

Do you believe in an Afterlife?

I don’t think about it much, I’d rather be surprised.

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