Kesang Ball roscomar citizen Court 5050 off-white and Econyl

Kesang Ball is one the founders of, an online travel resource designed for the purposeful traveller. She is photographed at her home in South-London wearing Court 5050 in Off-White Suede + ECONYL® Fiber and Court Black suede, Clay sole.

What’s the best thing that happened to you today?

My coffee <3.

Do you collect anything?

I collect fridge magnets from all the places I travel

Can you recommend 3 travel essentials?

A good podcast / book, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF#100 Sun Cream and crocs!

How do you try to be responsible in your work/with travel?

At Trippin, we always say being a responsible traveller is one where you consider your impact and your purpose for the trip. A couple tips I would recommend on your future travels are:

1.Respecting locals above everything else.

I think we forget as travellers that sometimes we are literally entering someone else's home. With travel it's important to be mindful and respectful about the destination you are visiting and have a purpose for why you are going.

2. Plan ahead to lighten your carbon load.

There are many ways to make your trip greener before you’ve stepped foot out the door. If you’re able to, choose eco-friendly travel options (like trains or boats) and pack lightly - every kilo counts - more weight means more carbon emissions to power a plane.

3. Choose your destination wisely.

There are many reasons why we want to visit a place, including because it may be aesthetically beautiful. If you're stuck on choosing a destination, perhaps think of the places which would benefit from your money. Many countries rely on tourism to stay afloat, or need your money to rebuild after political tragedies, natural disasters, or being tainted by Western media bias — and they might not be getting the spotlight.

Kesang Ball roscomar citizens

Is there a place you can’t wait to return to?

Mexico holds a special place in my heart, it's where I have felt the most profound freedom and independence. The people are the kindest in the world and there is Mezcal everywhere - need i say more?

What inspired you to found Trippin?

Me and my co-founders felt like there was nothing in the travel industry which represented the type of travellers we were: ones that cared about the planet, culture and tapping into creative scenes across the world in an intentional way. There's no one trip which inspired us, every trip changes us in some shape or form. Travel is a transformative experience, similar to psychedelics, which is also the inspiration behind the name Trippin.

Is there a specific problem in the world that you’d really like to solve?

Currently, our climate crisis. Specifically, how the actions of the global north are having a direct negative impact on communities in the global south.

Tell us about a belief you had early on in life that you now feel differently about?

That the patriarchy was the only thing we had to dismantle... turns out there's a lot more!

What was the last song you listened to?

Point and Kill - Little Simz ft Obongjayar

What are you reading at the moment?

The Patagonia Business Library

Do you believe in an Afterlife?

Like all good parties there is always an afters.

Kesang Ball Roscomar citizens  court 5050 off-white