Roscomar Citizens: Kelly Anna & Felipe Guimaraes post with their son

Kelly Anna and Felipe Guimaraes are London-based creatives and new parents. Kelly is an artist/designer known for her powerful silhouetted figures focusing on female empowerment and sport. She has designed for both Nike and Lego and spoken at Art & Design festivals globally. Felipe is a Creative Director and partner at BBH who has worked on major campaigns for the likes of Burger King, Adidas, Virgin Media, and Absolut, to name a few.

How did you meet?

F: I commissioned Kelly for a job. Fast forward a few years, we bought a house together, had a little one, but are now engaged.

Do you ever work together creatively? 

F: We often work together on projects. Mostly on the ones that Kelly gets. Coming from an advertising background, I have an insight into brands and clients, how they think and how to get the best out of them. We also always sit down and talk about the projects Kelly should take on as well as coming up with the ideas. I love coming up with ideas, and Kelly is incredible at executing them, so together we make a good little duo.

Does the theme of responsibility feature in your work? 

K: I think we are both quite aware of our work's impact on people and the world. So, most of the time we use our work to try and put forward our views and values. That comes with making sure you are being responsible in how you handle those things, as ultimately there is a lot of space for tension and upset. 

What would you be doing if you hadn’t followed your current path?

K: Weirdly enough, I think both of us would have gone into sport in some shape or form. I used to be a Ballroom and Latin dancer, as well as a gymnast, when I was younger.

F: I was an aspiring Tennis player. I can imagine we would have met at the Olympics in another life, and still have ended up together. 

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Do you think having a child has impacted your worldview? 

F: Absolutely. We both now look at the world through his eyes. We envision our decisions and choices based on their impact on his future. This has positively impacted all aspects of our life. How we handle our work, our family/ friends, and the planet. Ultimately, what we do now is paving a path for him to thrive in the future. 

How has having a child has affected the way you dress/shop?

K: A little but not much, I think we are both fortunate with the little one we have been given. He has slotted into our life rather than the other way around. We still do and enjoy pretty much the same things we used to do before. We have shifted our focus a lot more towards sustainable brands and sustainable shopping habits, just because that is something we both value. 

What is your favorite object in the house?

F: For us, it is not really an object but a space, I absolutely love our kitchen. I love to cook, and the kitchen is the center stage of our home, so I spend a lot of time in it. Kelly's favorite pieces are her dad's paintings of himself and her mother when they were 19. They are withered but we've just had them framed with pops of color so they sit well within our space. 

Do you collect anything? 

K: I think we can safely say we collect art, we love it and have a lot of it in our house. I don't think we have a single space left to hang anything. A lot of our friends are makers therefore it feels inevitable that we would support them and at the same time collect all the wonderful things we see as we go through life.  

What did you listen to last? 

F: I actually had to give Adele's new album a go. It did not disappoint. 

K: My last listen was Otegha Uwagba's podcast, In Good Company. 

Is there a particular quote or piece of advice you’d hope to instill in Noah? 

K: Be the kindest person in the room. 

Do you believe in an Afterlife?

F: I'd like to think we come back to this world in another form.

K: Yeh, I believe our souls return to earth and lead another life as something else entirely. 

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